Our Service

Routine Maintenance

As a vehicle owner, regular preventive maintenance is the single most important thing you can do to keep your vehicle happy and save money on future repairs. Regular vehicle maintenance will differ based on manufacturer and model, at Winbrook automotive we will help you stay aligned with your manufacturers maintenance program.

Oil change

Tires & Wheels

Whether your tires are worn out, or you want to prepare for the winter months, or you just want to personalize your vehicle, we have the tire and wheel package that will suit your taste and budget.


Steering, Suspension & Alignment

If your vehicle dips or sags while braking, taking corners, or your steering feels stiff or crooked, you most likely have an issue with your vehicle's steering and/or suspension components. In combination with sound steering and suspension components, an alignment will add longevity to the life of your tires as well as provide improved gas mileage and handling.

Shocks and struts

Brake Service & Repair

Squealing and grinding while applying your brakes are signals of potential brake issues. Winbrook Automotive provides a comprehensive inspection of the mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components of your vehicle's braking system to pinpoint and remedy the problem efficiently and effectively.


Engine & Drivetrain

Winbrook Automotive is obsessed with everything that makes your vehicle run smoothly, from the starting and charging systems to the cooling and exhaust systems. We provide complete comprehensive repairs to internal and external engine and drivetrain systems as well.


Electrical Diagnostics

Winbrook Automotive specializes in complete electrical diagnostics of all your vehicles electrical systems. We have the most up to date diagnostic testing equipment and information to diagnose all electrical systems including, but not limited to, engine management, anti-lock brakes and climate control systems. If any of your warning indicators illuminate in your dashboard, give us the opportunity to diagnose and remedy the problem for you.